NEW Volvo VNL64T860, 565hp Cummins, 18 Speed

Description: One of a Kind New 2024 Volvo Cummins 565hp, 18spd Manual!!
Volvo VNL64T860, X15-565, RTLO-18918, 233WB, 13.2/MT40-14X3C, 38,000 Air Ride, 3.42,
295/75R22.5, 150 / 100 Fuel Tanks, Full Chassis Fairings, Limited Interior, Dual Leather Air Ride Seats,
Bunk Heater, Upper Bunk, Refridge, 120V Inverter, Keyless Entry, 12” Air Slide / Air Release, Sky Blue
Metallic in Color.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks so much and have a great day.

Price: $199900

Contact Information:


Phone: 17202884648

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